The Watoto Project

The idea


Founded in 2011, The Watoto Foundation is all about education. Started by young and inspired people, just like the type we look to support, The Watoto Foundation endeavors to provide a dynamic platform for children to learn from.

At the The Watoto Foundation we take pride in doing things diligently. We say “quality over quantity,” and we believe in 100% donation with 0% overheads.

Why Africa?

Watoto means child in Swahili. After traveling to Africa for many years, this very large continent has become very special to us. Africa is an inspiring place that has a long history and a deep culture. Moreover it beholds much untold talent that must be brought forward to shine.


1. The Watoto Foundation seeks to support children from a young age by providing them with good school supplies and appropriate living conditions. By doing so, we look grow the next generation of talented and driven individuals.
2. The Watoto Foundation works with talented boys and girls from all over Africa who may not have a sufficient platform to be really heard. Whether musicians, artists or designers, we look to develop their aptitude so that their talent can be seen.




Amani Visit to Kenya

We travelled to Kenya to vist the Amani Welfare Association in November 2014. The main donation was hundreds of surplus uniforms which the orphanage will customise to provide clothes for the children. Other items taken included books and toys.

Ghana I.T. Centre

In November 2014, the Watoto Team flew to Ghana to visit OAfrica. We took clothes and toys, however, the main aim of the visit was to donate and set up 12 computers and printers for the new IT centre.


We support three orphanages in and around the slums of Nairobi, of around 60 children each. We work locally with Joy Mwangi and Suzie Kantal whose local knowledge is paramount to our work. Our choice to help these children was based on their living conditions and education supplies.


Kenya Scholarship

The foundation currently supports three orphaned children's formal education in a borading school in Gilgil, near Nairobi. Charles, 11, loves to read and is very attentive at school. Beryl is 17 and was the first to benefit from the programme. Tabitha is 12 and loves to sing and help with younger children.


We have supported three clinics with supplies on the peninsula of Machangulo in Mozambique. 

London Book Run 

We have received over 300 books from friends and family in London. This is an ongoing project and we welcome anyone’s unwanted good quality books. The Watoto Foundation will ensure these are picked up from your house. Click contact for details on how to get in touch. 

OrphanAid Africa 

In early 2013, we began to work alongside OrpahAid Africa in Ghana. The organisation helps families of children at risk of abandonment and gives them secure futures within their communities (


The foundation is keen to support talented individuals and we are happy to support Joel Sebunjo. Joel is from Kampala, Uganda and has recorded two albums and performed in festivals in Africa, Asia and Europe. In September 2013, we brought Joel and his band to London for a special concert. 



Watoto Boutique

In May we will be organising a Vintage and Designer pop-up sale in London with proceeds going directly to Watoto. Come and join us for two days of shopping and tea to support this local and very hands on cause, founded on the premise of passion for a continent.


London 2013

One of our main goals is to provide a platform where people can be heard and talent seen. For this purpose we hosted a concert with Joel Sebunjo, a musician from Kampala, Uganda who specialises in playing the Kora and the Endongo. The event was held in September in London, together with our friends from Muzungu Sisters ( Proceeds went towards our projects.



We have also hosted a dinner in Milan to collect some more of “your stuff,” to support a number of schools in northern Uganda with teaching equipment.

St. Moritz

During the winter of 2012 we hosted a lunch where guests were asked to bring one shoebox each, filled with lovely donated items. The shoeboxes contained toys and stationary - all useful for a positive and productive learning environement. These were handed out before Christmas.


In 2012 we hosted a dinner in London to collect all "your stuff". We collected over 50 moving boxes worth of things and shipped these directly to Kenya with the help of VistaJet. Donated items included books, toys, clothes and stationary. 


The Watoto Foundation welcomes many different types of donations. Anyone should be able to give!

Your Stuff: We love receiving your old books, toys and stationary - in particular children’s things. When relevant we also welcome used clothes.
Using the truly global network of VistaJet, we transport these used things to Africa for free. Click contact for details on how to get in touch.

- We have shipped more than 75 boxes to Africa filled with things to promote a better education for children
- We have donated VistaJet's surplus crew uniforms

Financials: No money is wasted! The Watoto Foundation runs a zero tolerance policy on overheads. 100% always goes to the receiving party. That is unless you send us clothes or books that are really unusable…

- With less than $1,000 we have supported 60 children with fresh water and food for six months
- With $2,500 we can train a teacher with a full online Montessori diploma




VistaJet supports this project by flying all of your used ‘stuff’ to Africa